Hereford And District Wheelers Cycling Club

Racing Programme for 2018

("under CCT rules")

All Thursday evening time trials start at 6.30pm (unless specified). Sunday morning time trials start at 9.30am
All riders are required to sign on at least ten minutes before start. Late entries at the discretion of the timekeepers.
All riders are entirely responsible for their own safety at all times.
Time Trial Sec: Chris Hughes 07970 865 434
  10 Mile Time Trial Series    Updated 
Overall Points Competition   28/08/2018  
  Wheelers Points Competition    28/08/2018  
  Overall Female Points Competition  28/08/2018
  Wheelers Female Points Competition  28/08/2018


  Date Trophies Event Course
Sun 18th March   3 x 2 mile Sprints Cancelled Stretton Sugwas
Sun 25th March   Weobley Sporting (Approx.19 miles) Stretton Sugwas
Mon 2nd April   Club Open 25TT Cancelled R25/8C
Thurs 5th April   Road bike '10' Allensmore C10/16 (c)
Thurs 12th April    1st '10'  Yazor
Sun 15th April    Club 35 mile 3up TTT + Individual  Allensmore CS/11 Golden Valley (c) 
Thurs 19th April    2nd '10'  Leominster Leom 10 (Arrow)
Sat 21st April   Cambrian Audax  
Sun 22nd April    New Tesco '10'   Allensmore (Tesco)
Thurs 26th April    3rd '10'  Allensmore C10/16 (c)
Sun 29th April 11 1st '25' (Scratch) Cancelled Leominster
 Thurs  3rd May    4th '10'  Allensmore C10/16 (c)
Sun 6th May 12  2nd '25'  Stretton Sugwas
Thurs 10th May    5th '10'  Leominster
Thurs 17th May    6th '10'  Leominster
Thurs 24th May    7th '10'  Leominster Leom 10 (Arrow)
Thurs 31st May 17  3rd '25' Cancelled Stretton Sugwas
Thurs 7th June    8th '10'  Yazor
Tues 12th June    Come and Try It '10'  Allensmore C10/16 (c)
Sun 17th June   90th Anniversary Rides Stretton Sugwas
Thurs 21st June    9th '10'  Leominster
Thurs 28th June    Inter-Club 2-up '10'  Leominster Leom 10 (Arrow)
Sun 1st July   WCA 12hr R12/16
Thurs 5th July    10th '10'  Allensmore C10/16 (c)
Thurs 12th July 17  4th '25' (1st Handicap)  Stretton Sugwas
Thurs 19th July    11th '10'  Lugg Bridge C10/17
Tues 24th July   Inter-Club 2-up '10' Brimfield
Thurs 26th July    12th '10'  Leominster Leom 10 (Arrow)
Sun 29th July 10  Club '30' Championship  Leominster
Sun  16th Sep 13,14  5th '25' (2nd Handicap) Postponed Leominster
Thurs 9th August    13th '10'  Leominster Leom 10 (Arrow)
Thurs 16th August    14th '10'  Allensmore C10/16 (c)
Sun  19th August 7,8,9,16 Club '50' Championship Cancelled Stretton Sugwas
Thurs 23rd August    15th '10'  Allensmore C10/16 (c)
Thurs 30th August    Pencombe Hill Climb  Pencombe
Thurs 6th Sept 15  Haugh Wood Hill Climb  Haugh Wood
Thurs 13th Sept   Capler Hill Climb  
Sun  16th Sep 13,14  5th '25' (2nd Handicap)  Leominster


Course Key:-
C10/16 - Allensmore (C)   C10/17 Lugg Bridge   Yazor 10 - Yazor   Leom 10 (Arrow) - Leominster
R25/8C - Weobley   CS/11 - Golden Valley (C)   Leom 25 - Leominster   Hill Climb - Haugh Wood
Bill Berry, Stuart Edinborough, Dave Unsworth, Barbara Alsford, John Duggan, Phil Windall
Club event entry fees:-
£3.00 Hereford Wheeler club members   £5.00 Members of other CTT Affiliated clubs (incs. £2 CTT Levy per race)
£6.00 All others (including 'One day Membership' - Membership form must be filled in and signed for each race)
JOIN THE CLUB ! ----- Membership only £10.00 a year (1st & 2nd Claim)