Weobley Sporting 19 mile

Course Record 42:37 David Fellows 2023

Wheelers Record 46:20 Ian Rivers 2010

Female Course Record: 2014 Paula Moseley (Climb on Bikes) 50:51

Female Hereford Wheeler 2016 Sarah Lloyd-Stephens 57:03

Start - Map ref.466427 on A4103 200m east of roundabout junction with A480 at farm gate. Proceed east to turn left onto Burghill / Tillington road.Continue through Tillington and Wormsley to Weobley. In Weobley turn left at junction with minor road to Dilwyn.Continue through Weobley and turn left onto B4230.
Continue south along B4230 to junction with A480 and turn left. Continue south east along A480 through Yazor and Credenhill to finish - map ref.465427 at farm gate 100m from roundabout junction with A4103

Club 30 Leominster

Course Record 1:02:28 Mark Corbett (Worcester St Johns) 2016

Wheelers Record 1:06:58 Paul Jones 2017

Female Course Record: 2015 Katie Price 1:16:57

Female Hereford Wheeler 2015 Katie Price 1:16:57


Meet and sign on in layby at Race start

Start at beginning of first layby A49 North Leominster bypass. Follow A49 North towards Ludlow and turn at first island at Sheet to return South passing start to Cadbury roundabout. Take third exit back North onto A49 to Finish at end of second layby.


Golden Valley 35 Mile CS/11

Course Record: 2014 Luke Moseley (Climb on Bikes) 1:24:45

Club Course Record: 2018 Paul Jones 1:26:36

Female Course Record: 2018 Christie Jones (Hereford Wheelers) 1:34:49

Female Hereford Wheeler 2018 Christie Jones 1:34:49

3 UP Mens Team Course Record: 2009 Luke Moseley/Ben Dale/Stu Griffiths 1:24:19

3 Up H/W Record:  2009 Ian Rivers/Jon Tetley/Ian Peake 1:28:49


Meet and sign on at layby at race start

Start - Map ref.470369 On A465 Abergavenny road at painted yellow mark at north end of Webtree lay-by. Proceed north east towards Hereford to Junction with B4349 Map ref 480377 Turn left on B4349 to Clehonger, where continue forward on B4352 through Madley, Moccas and Bredwardine to junction with B4348.Turn left and proceed on B4348 through Dorstone, Peterchurch, Vowchurch and Thruxton to Lock’s Garage

Turn left on A465 to Finish - Map ref.465364 at bus shelter by road junction at Goose Pool, opposite Pateshall Hall.


Club 50 course

Course Record 1:57:52 Earl Smith 2013

Wheelers Record 2:03:29 Paul Jones 2017

Female Course Record: 2013 Paula Moseley (Climb on Bikes) 2:02:14

Female Hereford Wheeler 2016 Katie Price 2:12:03


Start Map Ref 473424 on A41103 at Stretton Sugwas by entrance to Lower Veldifer Cottage ,east of island junction on A480.Ride west to island junction on A480.Take 3rd exit along A480 to junction with A4112 at Sarnsfield. Turn left along A4112 to junction with A4111 at Eardisley.Turn left onto A4111 and keep straight on along A438 to Kings Acre Garage.Turn sharp left onto A480 to island at Stretton Sugwas.Take 2nd exit along A480 and ride second circuit to Kings Acre Garage.Turn sharp left onto A480 to finish 100m after sign for cycle path by post 6638.Map Ref 467419.


Haugh Wood Hill Climb Time Trial

Course code:-   Haugh Wood Hill Climb

Distance approx. 4500m

Course Record : Sam Harrison (NFTO) 4min 42 sec (28/08/2014)

Wheelers Record: Ceri Middleton (HDWCC) 5min 28sec (28/8/2014)

Female Course Record: Ceri Middleton (Climb On Bikes) 5min 19sec (27/8/2015)

Female Hereford Wheeler: Ceri Middleton (HDWCC) 5min 28sec (28/8/2014)


Start on unclassified Mordiford to Woolhope road appoximately 0.5 mile east of Mordiford by ford on left OS Grid Ref: SO 57440 37295 (Latitude: 52° 1' 56" N, Longitude: 2° 37' 18" W).Google Map Link - start

Proceed easterly towards Woolhope to finish at the nearside entrance of main car park at Haugh Wood OS Grid Ref: SO 59211 36523 (Latitude: 52° 1' 32" N, Longitude: 2° 35' 45" W)  Google Map link - finish